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Proofreading Services

What We Offer?

Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services
Professional editors and project managers, who are always native speakers and have extensive technical and subject-specific expertise, support our accredited language professionals. Among them are scientists, engineers, computer specialists, physicians, historians, managers, marketing experts, financial advisors and other professionals.


Your company image is only as good as the text you put out there on your web sites, your mailings, even your business cards. Whether translated or not you need to be confident in the text you’re standing behind, and that takes a trained eye combined with years of language experience – and that’s precisely what we offer. Sleep well at night knowing we’ve checked and double-checked your text to ensure it’s perfect. Read more about our Proofreading Services.
Mistakes happen. Even the most careful workflow in the universe can suffer accidents, data corruption, or simple oversights. We’ve seen some really surprising text errors hit the market – errors that would have been caught and cheaply eliminated if only there had been a quality proofreader assigned to the project.
Where to find proofreading professionals that can handle high-volume work? Look no further: The relationship between translation and proofreading is a close one. We know words. What’s more, we know words in a long list of languages, and it’s hard to slip a mistake past us, whether it’s a simple typo or a more complex localization mistake in a dialect. Your customers know their local language and they will notice errors – do you want to take a chance that a simple mistake makes your business looking less than professional?
And you don’t have to be engaged in translation work to need a proofreader. People make mistakes in their native language all the time, and the difference between world-class work and everything else is the time taken to put a final set of objective eyeballs on everything you release. After all, the words on your materials reflect you and your business.