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Localization Services

What We Offer?

Localization Services

Localization Services
The misinterpretation of a company's message or document can be misleading and undermine its credibility. Only an Expert Translator can make the appropriate transition from one language into another. Our Experts have the ability to interpret your message, using the specific words needed to convey your connotation and your tone, which will enhance your image in foreign markets and communities.

Our Localization Process

1. Consultation – We start by understanding your situation and objectives.
2. Deliver our Proposal – We will customize a plan of action to what best suits your situation.
3. Localize – We will localize your material and test within your target country and market.
4. On-Going Support – You will have an account manager who will know you and your every need. We keep a flexible approach and will be by your side throughout your international venture.

What our Localization Services Cover

Localization is not a one-off project – it is a long-term cycle. For this reason, it is important that the localization process is streamlined in order to implement ongoing changes. At OACT, our native marketing translators are qualified, experienced and are registered to linguistic governing bodies in their country. And because of their excellent credentials and experience, they are able to offer localization services with on-going support in over 50 languages to facilitate many specialist business sectors, covering a range of material such as:

  • • Software and applications
  • • Website translation services
  • • Documentation
  • • Multi-Media
  • • Branding
  • • eLearning Material