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Desktop Publishing Services

What We Offer?

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing Services
Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services That Tackles Your Needs With Care and Attention.
Have you finished localization and translation of your source to several languages? Now, it’s time to prepare the document’s layout consistency across multiple languages.

Here are the steps of our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Service:

  • • Receive your source publication in their format
  • • Extract their content for translation or editing
  • • Create the target content with the same format of the source content

All Desktop Publishing (DTP) Applications

Regardless of the application you have used to prepare your source content, desktop publishing services have the ability to tackle the format of your content.
Our staff have the skills to deal with the content of Windows programs, MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…), and Adobe products (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, etc…)
We are also ready to give you an advice about what is best for your target audience and language in terms of localized graphics and texts.
It doesn’t matter if you use a less common application or program to publish your source content. We are ready to help you and will always come with DTP solutions that appeal to you and your target audience