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Osos Almarefa Certified Translation (OACT)

Osos Almarefa Certified Translation - OACT - in Riyadh provides technical and specialized translation services in various forms of knowledge and sciences, such as management, economics, law, Medicine, Engineering, Building, Construction, Banking science, Computer application systems, Military science, Aviation, environment, space science and others.
Osos Almarefa Certified Translation also translates all kinds of documents and records including reports, researches, contracts, agreements, feasibility studies and proposal documents (Tenders - Biddings), transactions presented to government departments (Passports, Recruitment, Traffic Department, Embassies, International Organizations, Banks, Hospitals, etc. ...).
Osos Almarefa Certified Translation provides translation services from English into Arabic and vice versa, and to all global life European and Asian languages.

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We value Work Ethics & Environment as it helps in creating a Creative Thinktank.
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Why choose Us.

We’ve built a reputation in the market through years of delivering quality services, on time, with competitive pricing. Simply put, we understand your business. That claim is based on years of work in support of the translation services. All customers trust us due to our professionalism, quickness and honesty.

Our Mission.

Translation is a message before being a business. OACT’s mission is to be available all the time to provide you with our services. OACT managed to combine between message and profitability accompanying with quality, honesty and keeping in line with the modern technology.